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    I’ve spent most of the evening importing entries into the database for the move to the MT 4 templates. Some of the archiving stuff isn’t working 100% yest so I am not able to rebuild everything dynamically. Not sure yet if it’s because of the beta status of MT or if there is something wrong with my database. Either way most of the stuff should be working properly.

    Once I am able to start rebuilding everything dynamically things should speed up a bit.

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    • Richard says:

      Now it’s time to see if the comments are working any faster and without errors. I have managed to import all of the other comments and trackbacks, so hopefully this will be faster. The big problem with comments is that when they get posted, MT has to rebuild the archives as well, which is why it’s so important for me to be able to build each page dynamically. That cuts down on the time it takes for each comment to be posted.
      Hopefully once I get back home from work tonight I can find out what is giving me the errors and get it fixed.

    • Richard says:

      That worked OK. Just seeing if commenting is any faster now. blah blah blah. Getting tired of this yet?

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