It’s been about an hour and a half since I first called Charter so I figured that I would call back. Their computers answer in fucking Spanish now apparently. I don’t even get the press one for Spanish press two for english any more. Just some fucking Spanish and then about three minutes of cheesy porn music, then the loop starts again. I swear I am about ready to put my head through the wall before I have to listen to any more of it.

What’s with this bullshit anyway. Did Charter get bought out by the Mexicans when I wasn’t looking and they just forgot to tell me about it? I’m half tempted to get a land line again just so that I can go back to DSL. The only reason I got rid of it in the first place was because I didn’t need the phone any more but they won’t let you have DSL without it. If it means I get to speak to someone that actually grew up speaking English and actually lives here I may just do it.

I finally just hung up and called information back to get a different city listing. Yeah, this time I get the English computer. Thank goodness.

I ended up taking the laptop down and after a few resets was able to connect. About fucking time…