Damned Hot

I somehow managed to get home a little while ago even with two managers being out. I’m still not sure how I managed that one but I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I know one thing, it’s frigging hot outside. I let the wife have my car awhile back since it is the one with air and she generally ferries the kids back and forth.

Riding back and forth between the stores is extremely hot in the damn car without air. I am drenched by the time I get home. Once fall gets here (just in time to NOT need air) I will get a new vehicle, but not until then unless my wheels fall off first.

My fucking Internet connection is down again. Goddamn Charter Communication is starting to piss me off. This is the second time this week. It was down for several hours last time so I did what I hate to do and called tech support. I got a gentleman who was very polite but for whom english was apparently a second language. I asked him if we were having a high speed internet outage in my area, so he gets my address and zip, puts me on hold for five minutes and when he comes back he tells me “Yes we have High Speed Internet available in your area as well as phone service and digital cable.


I was pretty pissed off but I stayed nice to the guy. I explained that I have service but my internet isn’t working. He got the rest of my info and came back to me. By that time my cable light was solid on the modem so I scurried back upstairs to check my server. About the time I realized that I was finally getting an IP address but that something was wrong between the house and their DNS servers he tells me that something must be wrong with my equipment but he could schedule someone to come to the house. I explained that my equipment was just fine (I use my own modem, not the cable company’s) and that THEY had a problem and then he says “Oh, I see a bulletin, we have an outage in your area but now ETA.

Where the fuck do they find these folks? At least he didn’t bother to ask me to restart the modem this time. Normally by the time I am desperate enough to call tech support I have already gone through everything possible that I might be able to do here on my end, and THEY have a problem but normally their tech support makes you go through 30 minutes of bullshit before they can be bothered to check HEAT or whatever call center software they are using to see if there are any outage bulletins.


I need some fucking air conditioning before I reach though the phone and yank someone’s tonsils out of their head.