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  • Uncategorized 10.07.2007

    …but I will be this evening. Just relaxing and taking a bit of time to post before I come home and lock the keys back up for awhile. Something wrong with my damned archive links so that will be the second order of business once I get unpacked and get the dog walked.

    The first order will be getting the keys back. After getting photographically abused by Chickie, getting fat porn from Velociman as well as ass-fucked (I enjoyed that big boy) AND found in a Google search for bald men, accused of kidnapping by Mr. Fabulous (I swear she’s in one piece), berated for paid posts by Sam, getting defaced (AND shit-faced, but that’s a whole ‘nother story) by my little brother (the link to KOS had to be the worst one), receiving weird shit (what did I expect) from Elisson (I did recognise the daughter by the way) and having Redneck ramble for awhile I am ready to be back. Oh, and don’t worry Redneck, you fit right the fuck in here with just another gotdamn redneck. If they were easily offended they wouldn’t be here in the first place. It’s amazing the abuse that people can take…

    I do sincerely appreciate you folks looking after the place whilst I was being vacant which seems to happen quite a bit more as I get older. I may even invite you back to the house even if you do have a hard time with the interface. By that time it should all be out of beta and should be a bit easier to navigate. What better way to beta test the interface than invite a bunch of people that have never fucking seen it before to post over the last few days…

    Sooner or later it will be back to the same old bump and grind (one can only hope). Gonna try and pick up a few paid posts today as a matter of fact in order to cover expenses…If you see them start popping up here and there it just means back to business as usual but I will try and keep them light Sam. I am just another whore after all but I do take everything with a grain of salt (and lime in the case of the Corona I was enjoying last night…

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