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  • Uncategorized 23.07.2007

    Former St. Louis Cardinal Mike Coolbaugh was struck in the head by a line drive and died less than an hour later yesterday evening. Mike spent his 17 years playing baseball mostly in the minor leagues but also appeared in 39 games with the Milwaukee Brewers and five games with the St Louis Cardinals. Since then he has been coaching in the minors

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    2 Comments to "Mike Coolbaugh Dead At 35"

    • Chickie says:

      That is just about the saddest story I’ve read in a while. I have grown up around baseball my whole life – playing it for many years myself and watching it with my dad forever. I called dad to tell him about it, he can’t recall it happening before – he remembered a guy getting hit in the eye really bad before but not dying. His wife was pregnant and they had two little boys, too…so sad. I feel bad for the hitter too, who would’ve been on Coolbaugh’s own team.

    • Derrich says:

      You can help support Mike’s family by sending donations to:
      Mike Coolbaugh Family Fund
      c/o Frost National Bank
      1250 N.E. Loop 410
      San Antonio, TX 78209

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