…for the most part. I was going to post some site reviews and other stuff, but nothing is coming out tonight, thus the lack of posting. I sat and did something I rarely do, watch TV. I don’t watch a whole hell of a lot, but I do like the Law and Order series, so I watched Law and Order: SVU a couple of times this evening/

It took awhile to get staffed tonight. One of my managers called me and said, “yeah, we will be staffed when this other girl gets there, but she is going to be an hour to an hour and a half late”. I have spent the last 48 hours drumming it into my new manager’s heads about how important it was to be staffed tonight after the fireworks (they are doing them tonight for some reason) and he just blithely ignored me. He’s in there waiting tables right now. I did call a girl in for him and she should be getting there any time. Some people just don’t understand how important it is to be on top of stuff when it happens, not hours later.

My other manager decided on her own not to go in for drawer change. She has extra people working, so it isn’t a huge deal but she should have gone on in.

Hopefully I can go the rest of the night with no more phone calls. One more day…