What A Dog and Pony Show

Today was a complete goat fuck. My relief manager ended up calling in. Apparently he tried to get in touch with me yesterday, so I won’t give him too hard a time. His doctor had called him back to let him know that he has skin cancer, so he has to go back and I guess get a biopsy. I don’t know if it’s malignant or not. That would just suck. He’s a pretty good guy and is just trying to get his shit together.

One of my manager apparently couldn’t get his car to start last night. Rather than calling and letting me know, I found out when I called him at 7:15 this morning when he was already 45 fucking minutes late. I ran to the store to make sure everyone there was OK, then went back to the one I was at where that manager was off. I ended up sending the manager trainee and gave him very specific instructions to come back as soon as the other guy got to work. He rolled back in the store at 11:15 after I had cooked 90% of the days business. The guy won’t shut the fuck up long enough to get anything done and has a shitty attitude. They are talking about giving him to me, god I hope not. I would rather have the late guy. His attitude and performance has been slowly improving since I took his store, and the evil I know is a damn site better than the one I don’t.

It makes it worse that this was my eighth day at work I am sure. One more day and I get to go on vacation. Hopefully I won’t kill anyone between now and then…