Defacing My Brother's Website

I don’t know what Richard was thinking, asking me to guest blog.  See, the thing is, I knew him when he was four.  From what I can remember (which isn’t much, seeing as how I was in an infant when he was four), he wasn’t as ugly then, nor as bald.  Then, for a few years he was teenager, and grew his hair so long that it somehow damaged the roots, and it wouldn’t grow back at all. Damn shame, too.

So I was trying think….


Anyway, what was I going to do while I had temporary keys here to the old Shadowscope? As we know from Richard’s occasional ruminations, Shadowscope launched back when the internet was put together by Al Gore by stringing together two 1950’s mainframes with a string. Or at least back in the old days of BBSs.  (For what it’s worth, I used to occasionally dial in to his dial-up version of shadowscope, back when I had a modem that weighed fifty pounds.  The content has improved a slightly since then).

The best I could think of was to completely deface it.  But clearly he’s smarter than that, because  all I can do is add new posts (I really wanted to change the template back the girly gardening template he had back on April Fool’s, but I couldn’t figure out how.  Too bad I didn’t grab a screenshot).   So, instead, I’m going to post a blatant advertisement (which won’t be particularly out of place), and then I’m going to link to all of the sites I read, which Richard almost certainly doesn’t, because they are all way to freaky lefty communist type stuff.

So here’s the blatant ad: please buy my book.  Please.  Come on, you can do it.  As an additional incentive, if you order it from Amazon today, I’ll throw in nice plastic packaging and a cardboard container with a UPS label.  You can’t beat that.  All you have to do is click, supply your credit card number, and away you go.

Ok, first part done.

Now, for the second part, here’s a list of websites Richard doesn’t read, but really ought to be listed on his blog in order to be fair and balanced:

Huffington Post
Democratic Underground

Alright, you have officially been defaced.

016_13A.jpgSee how much better looking I am than he is?  It’s the hair.  Definitely the hair.

Thanks, Richie, for the opportunity.

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