Say Cheese

Because you haven’t seen anything quite this strange today.

[Recognize anyone in the movie?]


3 throughts on "Say Cheese"

  1. Okay it’s working now – I watched it earlier and the Mistress’ teeth were the nicest ones (and quite frankly, the only ones that didn’t scare the hell outta me). It doesn’t surprise me that the spawn d’Elisson would be involved in such a production somehow…

  2. It looks like Elisson inserted it in WYSIWIG mode instead of html. I think that works the same way as with blogger, or at least similar. I fixed it when I got on to check my email this evening.
    Only had a second, “see you” guys in a couple of days.

  3. Not back yet…

    …but I will be this evening. Just relaxing and taking a bit of time to post before I come home and lock the keys back up for awhile. Something wrong with my damned archive links so that will be…

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