Some Things You Just Have To Do…

I managed to get about five hours of sleep last night. More like yesterday since it is “last night” right now. I figured I would get a few posts up while I had the chance and try to wake up a bit. The last thing I want to do right now is go in to work, but we have really been on our manager’s asses about saving money and being productive while they are in their restaurants so I am trying to make sure I cook or wait tables at least five shifts a week. It means close to an extra $900 a month for me to hit my profit goal, so a little extra work damn sure won’t kill me.

By going in in the next hour I am also able to say that I worked my six or seven hours saving money that I would normally pay a cook, and still take most of the day off work, and Monday is my normal day off. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone for breakfast in Dunwoody, so this works out very well for me. Now as long as everyone shows up for the day shift in my three stores I will be out of there by eightish.

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