Containing Myself…or Jesus Pleezus

…is something I seem to be having a harder time doing as I get older. The wife had an acquaintance of ours over yesterday evening so that the kids could play together and they got into a religious discussion. The wife asked her the question “what do you think about Pope Benedict saying that the Catholic Church is the only true religion” or something like that. What a loaded fucking question.

Of course our acquaintance is baptist or something like that, so they started talking about women in religion and the other lady believes that what some churches say about men having to be the leaders in charge and women doing what the fuck they are told is OK. Then she stated that Mary is unimportant and some shit about Jesus this or Jesus that. I don’t remember. When people start talking about religion it’s like when the wife starts talking about Math, I get this dull roaring buzz in my head and want to go to sleep.

Now there is nothing wrong with wimmen doing what they are told (let me hold on to something while the backlash hits) but I was sitting there surfing the net and all I could think was, if the flying spaghetti monster or maybe Beelzebub flew up your ass, THEN is the time to start thinking about Jesus.

Fuck all that noise.

3 throughts on "Containing Myself…or Jesus Pleezus"

  1. You have a baptist acquaintance???? 🙂

    (not really)

    Only difference ‘tween you & I and the buzzing, is that when I hear the buzzing, it’s usually the chainsaw firing up to either cut my ears off or their tongues out…

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