Greenberg v. Reed Heavyweight Bout

Roman Greenberg is the International Boxing Organization’s current intercontinental heavyweight champion. He’s won all of his professional fights, if I remember correctly it’s 25 of them, with 17 being knock-outs. On August 18th 2007 he will be facing veteran boxer Damon Reed at the South Town Exhibition Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Damon Reed is 10 years older than Roman Greenberg and will most likely be the toughest match for him in his career so far. The Greenberg versus Reed match is the headlining event along with three additional big name matches with other professionals such as David Tua, Joe Mesi and Jeremy Williams.

The scuttlebutt is that Roman Greenberg is also on a list of possible opponents to face Vitali Klitschko in a come back fight in September. The last time that Klitschko fought was in September 2004 when he fought Danny Williams.

One of Roman Greenberg’s biggest sponsors is Backgammon Masters online. They have been sponsoring him since early in his career when the decision was made that Greenberg, although unknown at the time, had great potential and was going to move quickly in his career.

Backgammon Masters is the premier online web resource for backgammon rules and information. With an extensive library of information on backgammon, how to play, links to articles and books, strategies and a thorough glossary, anyone interested in learning or getting better at the game should go check out the site but don’t forget to tune in to payperview for the Roman Greenberg v. Damon Reed heavyweight fight on August 18th.

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