Wakey Wakey

I got home some time between three and four this afternoon. I was completely exhausted. I don’t have air in the car so after having ridden in it for half an hour and going to Wal-Mart I was sweating like a pig and probably stinking like one as well. I took a shower and then lay down with the youngest girl for a couple of minutes. I had not planned on napping as I have several hours of work today both for my real job and online, but I woke up at six. No damn caffeine so I am still in a fog. I don’t do very well without it to wake up with. I tend to bite people’s heads off.

I am getting ready to go back to work but have been waiting on this upgrade for MT to finish before that. I have to chmod some stuff but can’t do it until my FTP client finishes uploading.

In the meantime I’m working on my Itinerary for the next three months. I should have had this done 14 days ago but have pretty much just been playing it by ear.