The Dark Knight Trailer

Doesn’t really show a lot, but here is the trailer to the Batman sequel, coming out next summer.

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  • The Evil Standard?

    Podcast Show Notes
    By supporting the lesser of two evils, does evil become the standard for political decision making?
    Meanwhile, John McCain learns to stop worrying and embrace big money.
    While McCain backs off on his war against people attacking Obam…

  • Today’s SCOTUS Voter Fraud ruling is a victory for common sense, and a slap in Obama’s face

    I blogged about this this morning, but the real scope of the ruling is just now being fleshed out, and a few things have occurred to me.
    First of all, as I said earlier, this is a complete victory for common sense.  It just makes simple sense…


    I was thinking last night what is something you will never see… this was the first thing that popped into my head,,,
    Trackposted to Outside the Beltway, Rosemary’s Thoughts, Maggie’s Notebook, Adam’s Blog, Shadowscope, The Ambo…

  • Just FYI, I linked to your article from Barbie Conquers Iran, Excerpt: …”without coercion, people will always choose to be like Americans. If Muslims were free to abandon their faith without fear of being whipped, tortured, burned and killed, and were exposed to American culture, in short order, Islam would cease to exist.”

  • Kuntzel on the Iranian Antisemitic Martyr State

    Matthias Küntzel lays out the scary truth about Iranian hopes, particularly those of Mahmoud AhmediNajad.
    In his first major speech, in October 2005, the one that gained him notoriety, Ahmadinejad declared that the Zionist regime in Israel “must be…

  • In 2001, Democrats Told Us The Drilling In Anwr Was Not Viable To Our Needs Because It Would Take 5 Years To Benefit

    Seven years later, where are we?
    As angry truckers encircled the Capitol in a horn-blaring caravan and consumers across the country agonized over $60 fill-ups, the issue of high fuel prices flared on the campaign trail on Monday, sharply dividing the…

  • Dallas CBS Affiliate Buries Negative Jeremiah Wrig

    It would appear that although most of the national news media and pundits both left and right have labeled Wright’s latest comments as egocentric and harmful to Obama, CBS 11 Dallas has chosen sides and Wright has won this battle. This is not a good …

  • The problem is ignorance, as Obama turns tail and denies Rev. Wright and his church

    As I type this, Barack Obama is on television denouncing his ‘old uncle’, his 20 year spiritual adviser and mentor. Seems Obama’s political advisers got through to him, advised him his campaign was in the crapper thanks to Rev. Jeremiah

  • Wicker on the KC-45 Contract and Boeing’s Challenge

    A while back I sent Sen. Roger Wicker (the replacement for Trent Lott) a note telling him my opinion on the Northrop-Grumman/EADS KC-45 tanker contract for the new USAF aerial refueling tanker. I got a letter back from the Senator the other day concern…

  • Why Reverend Wright is Un-American

    What is it to be an American? Certainly it isn’t race.
    Instead, being American requires one to subscribe to our founding political traditions.
    • a benevolent creator who endows each individual with certain basic rights. The beauty and genius of w…

  • Smiley Face Killers: Life Imitates Grand Theft Auto

    The news today from the land of the crazies is an apparent series of murders of athletic college-age men by drowning, their bodies found near a smiley-face graffito.

  • Blast from the Past: Bill Buckley on the Trojan Horse of American Public Education

    All the way back in 1952, before the days of Student Loans and Grants for every ordinary college student at public or private universities, Bill Buckley wrote about the plan to transform all private universities from independent entities into clients o…

  • Ann Coulter and the Wright Stuff

    I have always seen Barack Obama as a basically decent guy who simply lacks the experience to be effective going toe-to-toe with this nation’s enemies. There is, however, another Obama out there, the soft-spoken paranoid lunatic described by Ann Coulter…

  • Fire in the Night..The Weathermen tried to kill my family

    The following article was written by John M. Murtagh, a victim of Obama’s pal, William Ayers:
    Continue Reading This Post » (1651 words & 1 image – 6:36 mins)…