September 6, 2007

New Host?

I’m in the process of moving one of my blogs over to Bluehost to try them out. I haven’t heard anything but good references for them so far, they are a fifth of what I am currently paying for hosting and offer more bandwidth. I figure I can try them out for awhile and see…Read more

Off To Work…

…again. I came home long enough to throw on a pair of shirts and a T-Shirt. The Taste of Carrollton is outside and it is usually pretty hot. Hopefully I will be home before it gets too late and will get a bit of time on the PC before I hit the sack. Only one…Read more

Working Late…

I’ve got the Taste of Carrollton to work tonight so unfortunately this will most likely be it until some point this evening. I am hoping to get out of there at a decent time. I didn’t sleep worth a crap last night (obviously) and just want to come home and nap. The big problem with…Read more

Thursday Thongs

For those of you that are into that sort of thing I actually started a site called Sexy Thongs recently. All of the stuff that I post on Thursday Thongs will be there. I haven’t decided for sure but I may also be moving Tramp Stamp Tuesday and Thursday Thongs over to That’s my…Read more


I just woke up from the weirdest dream. I was sitting on my knees in the closet and the kittens were playing at my knees and in between my legs but there were two or three new ones that were much smaller. I looked and one of the cats was munching on the head of…Read more