Thursday Thongs

For those of you that are into that sort of thing I actually started a site called Sexy Thongs recently. All of the stuff that I post on Thursday Thongs will be there. I haven’t decided for sure but I may also be moving Tramp Stamp Tuesday and Thursday Thongs over to That’s my site that I recently started. This will be the one and only time that I will link to it here. Mainly just me bitching. No ads, no paid posts, really no centent whatsoever but who cares, you just want to see the thong anyway.

Without further ado I give you a patriotic thong courtesy of HornDog3 below the fold…


6 throughts on "Thursday Thongs"

  1. Ok, I went over there to look around and I like it!
    But, Dude, what’s with the comments? It says I have to sign in with a password?

  2. Takes forever for everyone. On the thongs site I have commenting disabled entirely but on the other it should give the same choices, ‘sign in or comment anonymously’. I won’t be home until late this evening, just stopped in to change, but I will look once I get there.

    I’m looking at WordPress again and have a site set up, I am interested in seeing if the long times to comment is something on my hosts end or if it’s just Movabletype. I have a feeling it’s the SQL database server that they are using.

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