September 21, 2007

Two Arrested in Noose Incident

Police in Alexandria Louisiana, a few miles from Jena and host to several demonstrations in answer to the Jena 6 stuff that has been going on have arrested 18-year-old Jeremiah Munsen and a minor for driving intoxicated and hanging two nooses from the back of his pickup. Apparently he also had an unloaded rifle in…Read more

Much Better Day…

Yesterday ended up being a much better day than the previous one was. I didn’t get much sleep the night before last so was pretty worn out by the time I hit the sack last night. I no longer have a manager in my store where I have had so many problems. That is a…Read more

Resident Computer Geek

It’s somewhat funny. Every time someone at work has a computer issue they always end up coming to me. I don’t mind answering questions and stuff but I really don’t have the time to fool with fixing them anymore and have had to tell several people that. I do have one here that I seem…Read more