Sometimes Customer Service Sucks

I ordered some parts for my gas grill a couple of days ago and paid for next day air. As a matter of fact I paid more for the damned delivery charges than I did for the parts themselves. I gave them very specific instructions that if they couldn’t get the parts for me today then they just need to cancel the order. Get them to me they did. Too bad they sent the wrong parts. I ordered a burner and the two venturi things that hook to the gas lines. The burner that they sent me doesn’t even remotely look like the one that I ordered and the venturi pair won’t even fit the damn thing. I guess someone must have smoked a bit too much dope before packing the box.

I called and called and called and called and of course they don’t answer the phone, so I have emailed and told them that they need to send me an RMA airbill so that I can send these parts back and that as long as they refund my shipping costs they could send me the correct parts. If they can’t do that they just need to send me my damn money back. Although for the party tomorrow we are just doing cold cuts and party trays I had planned on grilling steaks for the Marine Sunday night since he has to go back the next day.

I hate it when things don’t go the way I think they should go.