Job Hunting…

Saturday we are going to visit out friend in Hilton Head with the boy after he graduates. She and most of her kids will be moving to Cyprus as soon as she can get her house and business sold and this very well may be the last time we get to see them. The eldest daughter has already moved, but she is going to art school in England, living with relatives there I suppose. Not that she is settled in I’m sure she’s looking for jobs in London so that she can support herself as quickly as possible. She’s quite a good artist but London jobs are not that easy to come by. It’s probably a good thing they are from England, at least she has family there that can help out until she is gainfully employed.
I hate job hunting. The last time I was seriously looking for a new one was when I thought I was leaving my company to do something else back in 2000. It ended up that my company offered a job in IT so that I could stay with them and eventually I did get back into the operations management end of things. I think that I would not like to be looking for a job in London right now. I don’t know what the unemployment rate is over there but I am sure that it is higher than where I am at.

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