Mormons and Tigers and Bears, Oh My…

I was reading this article over at CNN earlier and was just revolted. Sara Hammon makes a point in her interview with CNN that Warren Jeffs is just a fall guy and that someone else will always be there to take his place and that is very true. I don’t really have a problem with people that believe in Polygamy…that’s not the issue for me. If you can have a healthy relationship it doesn’t matter if it’s with one or ten people…The government shouldn’t have any say over who is in a relationship with whom. It’s just flat out none of their damn business.

For me the issue is all about mind control that is so prevalent in most religions , along with the physical and sexual abuse that goes on in some of them. I’m not leaving the mainstream religions out of it either because although they may be more ‘mainstream’ and law abiding in the end it’s all about brainwashing and control.

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