I’m in the process of moving one of my blogs over to Bluehost to try them out. I haven’t heard anything but good references for them so far, they are a fifth of what I am currently paying for hosting and offer more bandwidth. I figure I can try them out for awhile and see if the issues I am having are ironed out over there. If not then I will stay where I am at right now and be out $6.95. It’s worth $7 if my sites load faster and the commenting stops taking freaking 60+ seconds.

All I know is that there are plenty of blogs out there with more content and more comments and it takes 10% of the time to post a comment than it does here. I can’t have screwed up my installation so much that it is all of my sites.

I will ask a few folks to check it out if they get time once the DNS servers have propagated and I move everything over. It will probably be Saturday or so before I do that.

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