Purple Party Day!

Everyone loves a good party including myself. As a matter of fact we are having one this weekend in honor of my son who is shipping out to Camp LeJeune on Monday morning. I’ll talk about that a bit more later but this is about something that is at the same time almost as important to me and more important to everyone else. World Alzheimer’s Day is the 21st of September (this Friday) and all through the month of September concerned people the world over are holding Purple Parties to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. You will remember that I have posted a couple of times about the Alzheimer’s Association over the last couple of months. While I am seriously against government involvement in charitable organizations and welfare I am all for the involvement of private citizens including myself. I donated a van to the Alzheimer’s Association a couple of weeks ago, and yes it was operational. Hopefully they can sell it for a decent amount and use the funds for something important. I checked the Blue Book value before I called them and it should go for quite a bit.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. One of the really cool things about hosting a Purple Party is that during the month of September all donations that are made are being matched dollar for dollar by The Harrah’s Foundation. Now that’s a big deal. When a large foundation like that gets involved and is matching funds that is the time to help out. The Alzheimer’s Association has set a goal to raise a million dollars this month and you can help out by hosting a Purple Party yourself and to help get started the first 500 people that agree to raise at least $150 get a free World Alzheimer’s Day party kit which includes a DVD of Alzheimer’s Celebrity Champions, speaking points about Alzheimer’s, donation forms and envelopes (remember your donations are tax deductible), cocktail napkins and thank you cards. You will want to register your purple party so that they can send the kit.

When you register your party it allows you to create your own page for the party, send email reminders to guests and even lets your guests make donations online. I know from personal experience that I am more likely to make a serious donation with credit card in hand and a computer screen sitting in front of me where I can check out the group I am making a donation to than I would on a cold call or having someone come to my house.

There are several different ideas for parties as well. It doesn’t have to be some hoighty toighty expensive dinner party either. You can have a birthday party and in lieu of gifts have your guests make donations, or have a yard sale and donate part pof the proceeds, have a poker party and split the pot with the Alzheimer’s Association or do Movie Night and pass around an empty popcorn container to collect donations. There are countless different ideas that you can come up with. Don’t want to have a party or go to one? That’s OK, go to the site and donate the $25 you were going to spend on pizza tonight.

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  • I don’t think this is a case of the “missing white woman syndrome”, as you put it. I live in North Ga and I am also a 24 year old female. I have walked the exact same trails that Meredeth did and it scares me to think that crimes like this happen. That could have been me and I am thankful that it wasn’t. Its a heart breaking story that is developing here. Her dog was found and then her wallet and blood soaked clothes. Would you not want to find someone who could be killing hikers? Its not really just about her, its about the safety of the area. Two people (a couple) were found beaten to death in either NC or SC. The man seen with them before their death was wearing a yellow jacket just like the one that Hilton was reported wearing when he was seen with Meredith. Its more that just a “white woman” getting a lot of attention on the news. This could happen to anyone and unfortunately it happened to her. Right now, they do not know 100% sure that she is dead. She could be wounded and they just haven’t found her yet. I am hoping for the best outcome possible. I live only about 10 minutes from where her dog, Ella, was found.

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  • It’s an isolated incident. This isn’t going to happen to every hiker that walks those trails. Police have hilton in custody…all is well for hikers in that area. I wouldn’t let it ruin your life.

  • Tragic story. I fear it won’t have a good outcome.
    Anyway, it doesn’t seem quite appropriate for this post, but I’m late in getting around and still want to wish you and yours a happy new year.

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  • Interesting that you would question the news coverage, when you have obviously been obsessed with the story yourself.
    The news reports the stories that the majority of people want to hear, and that includes ANY missing hikers, ie recent stories in both Utah and in Colorado in the last six months. Anything that the majority of viewers can relate to. Someone who looks like they could be their daughter, or sister, or friend….
    Thanks for gathering all the news info. I can relate because I am a blonde, blue-eyed single female who loves dogs and to hike (often going by myself!)

  • Judy, I wouldn’t exactly call posting one story obsesses, but yes it is the same here. Once in play it just sort of propagates itself. I regularly post stories on missing folks. Not as regularly as I would like due to work unfortunately, but ScaredMonkeys.com keeps up with the ones the rest of us miss.
    reRooster, you are most likely correct in that assumption. I spent most of my years growing up between Roswell and Sandy Springs and even with all of the development around Cumming and Canton over the last two decades there are still some very wooded and remote areas.
    Thanks Libby, Happy New Year to you as well. I have also been meaning to get ‘out’ and visit everyone’s site to say hello, just haven’t had a day off yet this year 🙂
    Sissel, you are absolutely correct in that it won’t happen to every hiker but I do think that more people need to be aware of what’s going on around them, even there. Unfortunately the days when you could hike Amicalola to Blood Mountain and chat with everyone you saw are long over. I have made that hike on many occasions and back in the seventies and eighties it was great. Now I wonder which of the scum sucking fuckers I am going to have to hurt in order to protect MY kids.
    Amy, nothing you said disproves my point. All of your points are correct and I agree with them however it does nothing to prove or disprove ‘missing white woman syndrome’. Are you aware of what that is? If not, wiki has a pretty good entry about it.

  • I do understand what that is. I get that some people might think that because she’s a pretty white girl that the news is all over the story. However, I don’t think that is the case. I honestly feel that because they found an item they described as a police baton that is what made the news want to cover the story. In the very beginning that particular item was mentioned a lot and people were curious to know if a police official was involved. I am happy that you wrote your article though. I’m not trying to disagree with you.

  • Richard, thanks for the information. As a hiker (though never in the Southeast, unfortunately) I am wondering if the Appalachian Trail runs through this area. Would AT hikers want to take heed of the changing conditions since the 70’s-80’s that you mention in your comment?

  • That’s pretty astute about the baton. I also have seen it mentioned quite a bit. Up until earlier today I haven’t seen it come from any ‘official’ report, mainly from her friends and the media, but apparently the police are now reporting it as one of the items found along with some dog biscuits, the leash and two water bottles (along the trail). I don’t have the source in front of me right now so I cannot cite it but if I have time later this evening I may add it to the article.
    Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts.
    I think is is somewhat skewed. There are actually plenty of stories in the news about missing people all of the time. I frequent several missing persons sites and very rarely see one that hasn’t been mentioned at least once. Perhaps it is more US, the audience that is driving this? I have to include myself among the majority on this one because I am also writing about it and spent quite a bit of time looking up some of the information.
    Americans as a whole are a pretty morbid damned bunch. The sad fact is that all ‘we’ are interested in is hearing about the missing white girl (Natalee Holloway, Meredith, Emily Sander/Zoey Zane, etc..), the family murders and tragedies and Britney Spears latest escapade (I am in the process of writing about her, actually).
    I watched a video of Britney earlier today and the damned photographers were swarming like a herd of pigs around a trough all tripping over each other to get the best shot. It was literally disgusting. Why do they do it? Because we eat it up.

  • Snack, the Appalachian starts right in that area actually. It starts around Amicalola Falls at Springer Mountain, runs up Blood Mountain and Neels Gap (which quite a few hikers use as the start of their AT hikes).

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  • AT Hikers are getting prepared to start their 2008 thru-hikes within the next couple months and this news is very saddening. Hiking is generally a safe activity and seldom do situations like this occur on the trail. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning while hiking than encounter violence on the trail. This is a rare isolated incident and I hope it doesn’t keep people from hiking and enjoying the wonderful area where this occured. I also hope the GBI wraps this up quickly and my heart is out to Meridith’s family.

  • May Hilton burn in hell after we fry his ass in the chair. The man deserves a slow, painful death. No human being should have had to go through what Meredith went through, if indeed she is found dead. This makes me hate the world we live in and makes me wonder why people are against the death penalty. If Hilton is guilty, drag him into the streets and let the people of North Georgia stone him. Slow. Painful. Son of a bitch deserves it.

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  • Meredith may very well have put an end to a very long string of murders, maybe even dating back before she was born. Meredith was obviously very outgoing, so much so that she turned out to be the wrong girl for him to try and get away with something this appalling! It seems that her journey ended not in tragedy or vain, but in victory over this reign of personified evil! This was the job for a very special person; she came here to for this purpose and was victorious! Now her mission is complete, her journey is over and she has returned to her home. Her frieneds and family should consider themselves very blessed to have been entrusted with the Love, care and rearing of this beautiful soul. She… was an Angel.

  • There is no “white woman syndrome.”
    Stories that are unique and unusual (and tragic) get aired all of the time. A female hiker getting tragically killed on a mountain in a rural area is much less common than someone getting shot in Compton.
    Inner city crime is not “unique” or “unusual” (though it is horribly devastating). “Unique” and “unusual” is the essence of news.

  • Person, so you are saying that the mainstream media doesn’t give more air time for a young white female than for other stories? Than why exactly is it that John and Irene Bryant haven’t been all over the news since last November?
    Doing a Google search turns up roughly the same amount of stories right now, except that a large number of the ones you find searching for Irene Bryant are actually Meredith Emerson stories that have been published in the last five day.
    I do remember reading about them on CNN as well as a missing persons site that I frequent but there was nowhere near the same amount of web traffic.

  • While acknowledging the tragedy of this, let’s ask the right question here. Why did Meredith choose to hike alone? Bad decision. As a woman, I know that many females are outraged that they cannot run/walk/hike alone for fear of danger, but they do it anyway. Unfortunately, women must accept the reality here. There is SO much education out there for women runners, walkers, hikers. First rule – don’t be alone in any isolated area. You are vulnerable.Period. No exceptions.

  • Having never been to this blog (or any other), I hope my thoughts are not intrusive.
    I did not know Meredith. When speaking of media, there is a vast amount of “stories” on one side, and extremely small spaces on the other to project it. It might sound “caned”, but with all murders, child ___ fill in the blank here in your own minds, I can’t type it, the media (with all it’s faults) has to grab attention. On the surface this seems quit self-serving and perhaps it is. But one thing is clear—Meridith could be anyone’s daughter. The child killings in Atlanta — could have been anyone’s kids. Like it or not, our media will pick out the best “stories” to follow. We all know there are thousands that do not get the coverage, but perhaps there is an unintended lesson to be learned?
    Whatever CNN/MSNBC/FOX decides to cover, gives at least (and I mean least) a barometer of what is happening outside our front doors. I grieve deeply for Meridith’s family, it hurts my heart that someone could take away a precious life. Why?
    Rambling on, I really wanted to say that it is a non issue on whose story gets National attention. The pain is in every heart. We have the capacity, and intelligence to care. The “News” might get our blood boiling, but it is up to the individual to make a difference.
    All the very best,

  • That hasn’t really been an issue for hikers in the past though. Yes, there are a lot of scumbags out there but I would bet that if you researched the number of missing/dead hikers that met ill at the hands of another person you would find that the number is extremely low. Not to mention the fact that she was pretty physically fit, had experience in the martial arts AND had her dog with her.
    People that assume that they are always vulnerable just because they are a woman/child/old/crippled are just inviting people to victimize them. I don’t mean that she was advertising she was a victim but you can generally tell the sheep from the wolves and if you act like a sheep then the wolves will think you are a sheep.
    My wife walks daily. Alone. Normally it’s only for an hour to an hour and a half but you just can’t assume that there is a bogeyman hiding behind every bush, otherwise you begin to lose your freedom.

  • Getting all my ducks in a row…

    I have spent the great majority of the morning going between reading news sites and fooling with paperwork. Since the wife and I are going to the Bahamas next month and I don’t have a passport, while her’s expire ten…

  • Richard, I agree that there is a balance here. You can’t run around like a sheep and be afraid. I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is that you need to assess the risks before undertaking an activity if you are a woman and you are alone. I bet your wife walks through a neighborhood, or past small shops. I doubt she’d choose a rural road with no houses in sight for miles. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes choosing the ‘safest’ route isn’t enough.
    I purposely chose an upscale neighborhood to run through alone about 7 years ago and was attacked in broad daylight. I was wearing a huge T-shirt and shorts to my knees, not a jog bra and skimpy shorts. Yes, I was outraged, but learned a lesson. No more alone runs. Ever.
    Unfortunately, Meredith’s dog wasn’t a pit bull or large breed animal. Those breeds can be a deterrent.

  • i work with marideth emerson’s father and i feel so bad for him he lives in Colorado and flew all the way to georgia to find out his daiughter was dead

  • Clare you are certainly right about that. The wife does generally walk through a neighborhood. Personally though I would feel safer walking alone on a rural road than I would anywhere within the city limits of Atlanta. I grew up in Atlanta and lived there for 22 years and have been in a rural (now more of a suburban) area for the last 18.
    Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. Mr. Emerson has my family’s condolences as do the rest of the family and anyone else close to the family.
    For anyone else stopping by, I posted a link to a guestbook in my updated entry at http://www.shadowscope.com/archives/2008/01/meredith_emerson_found.php that you may be interested in signing and sending your best wishes to the family.

  • I would just like to express my deep sorrow for what happened to this unfortunate girl. As a fellow hiker I felt deep sympathy for her.
    Athens, Greece

  • Very sad to hear about the outcome of this tragedy.
    I live in Cumming myself. I hope everyone stays safe out there.
    Some free self defense advice (martial arts instructor myself)
    – Remember the 3 weakest / most vulnerable areas on a human man are the 2 eyes, and the groin. If anyone tries to grab you, and you can’t run, immediate and explosive force to these areas will hopefully buy you time to run and call for help.
    Don’t listen to all that bullshit advice (that I heard on the radio) about dropping to the floor, or pissing in your pants…. In a life threatening situation, you use your fingers to poke in the attacker’s eyes, grab his groin and rip it out, or you bite off his nose, ear, or whatever you can get access to.
    Sorry for being graphic, but you have to protect yourself in a life threatening situation. I wish I could have known Meredith or tried to protect her from this. Very sad to hear. Be safe everyone.