South Carolina

Here’s a couple of photos I took while in Beaufort and Parris Island…

Family Day - Parris Island 104.jpg

That first one is just a tree (duh) full of Spanish Moss right outside the All Weather Training Facility on Parris Island.

Family Day - Parris Island 237.jpgThis was shot while leaving Parris Island on Thursday. Quite a bit of the area around the barrier islands in South Carolina is marsh and swamp. Looks like there was some kind of picnic area. If I had not been on such a tight schedule (and with kids) I would have stopped at several of these and taken a bunch more photographs.

Parris Island,Beaufort,Hilton Head 312.jpgThis is a shot of the Bay in Beaufort from the waterfront area. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, after Labor Day it seems to turn into a ghost town and we had the entire area pretty much to ourselves.

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  1. It can be. Even though spanish moss isn’t a parasite in the normal sense of the word it does block out sunlight and if you have a large enough colony then the tree won’t get as much sunlight as it could. If you look at pictures of trees with spanish moss growing on them you will notice that there are rarely leaves growing in the area of the moss. Mainly it just slows their growth rates and of course it will increase the wind resistance which is bad seaside because of hurricanes.

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