I had a friend a few years back and his purpose in life was to save enough money so that he could retire, move to Amsterdam and live out his life in the land of clogs and coffee houses. I don’t know a lot about that but I do know that it’s a pretty beautiful place and I would like to visit eventually. has plenty of deals on vacation destinations in Amsterdam. Right around this time of year prices on flights start to get much cheaper than the warm months and EasyToBook has some great prices on hotels in Amsterdam.


In addition to Amsterdam they also have deals for hotels in Barcelona as well as Prague hotels and vacations and information on the locations themselves. There are links to different tourist attractions and important stuff such as landmarks, restaurants and shopping. You can search for hotels specifically by location or near the attractions to make it easy. Nobody likes to book a hotel only to find out that it’s an hour drive to whatever it is that they want to see.

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  • What a lame explanation for shooting his wife, although some people will pull out a gun to intimidate and I’ve seen people carry fake pistols. Now this is stupid! They need to have it drilled into their heads to never, ever pull out a gun unless they fully intend to kill someone (for fear of their life or other lawful reason to defend oneself.) Folks should NEVER carry or brandish a fake gun – that is a recipe for disaster. What are they going to do when the other person blasts them with a real one? If a situation is escalated by the threat of deadly force, they best be ready to squeeze the trigger.

  • i would like an update on this case. Darlene was a good person with a big heart. It is ashame that she died such a tragic death. She was not only a coworker of mine but a very good friend. Those that were close to her are still trying to deal with her death. My heart goes out to her son and family. My prayers are with all of them. Bobby you
    took my friend away forever. She was like a second mom to alot of
    people. It is not for us to judge you. Your ultimate judgement will come from God. Darlene will forever be missed by many.

  • Last I had heard was that he was being held without bail on the murder charge. I have the day off Thursday and will be going through some of my recent posts in order to try and update them.

  • fuck you and dont judge him if you dont know him or the facts let god and the judge deal with it.

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