Girl Assaulted on Video Found Safe

A young girl who was seen being sexually assaulted in a homemade videotape has been found and is safe with family members and sheriff’s officials, an investigator said Friday.

Police are looking for a scumbag named Chester (the molester) Arthur Stiles as a “person of interest”. Considering that he is a fugitive I bet they are interested. He is also wanted on a state warrant on a charge of lewdness with a minor younger than 14 (ewww…) and a federal charge of being a fugitive. Where’s Tommy Lee Jones when you need him anyway?

They arrested a 26 year old man who surrendered the tape to police after another man reported seeing it. His lawyer says that he volunteered the tape and shouldn’t be subject to charges, but considering that he had the damn thing for six months I think that pretty much makes him a damned pedophile and is guilty of child pornography.


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