Puerto Rico

I’m such a chicken about flying that I have been seriously considering going to Puerto Rico next summer rather than trying to get up the guts to try and fly to Hawaii. Either way I am going to try and book everything early. I’ve been doing some reading on Puerto Rico and figured I would share some of it here (of course.)

I have an acquaintance that I also used to work for that grew up in Puerto Rico and whenever he talks about the place it was mostly in glowing terms.

Garita at Fort San Felipe del Morro

One of the really cool things I like about Puerto Rico is the fact that there are so many different types of terrain there. I enjoy going up into the mountains but I also love the beach. The wife and I have had discussions about retirement before and sometimes I want to live at the beach and other days it’s the mountains. Puerto Rico has both. Puerto Rico also has the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System, El Yunque National Forest.

One of the other nice things is that the year round temperature is generally around 80 degrees and there really isn’t that much of a change between summer and winter. Of course between June and November you have to deal with Hurricane season but other than that the weather is perfect.

Unless things have changed recently, since Puerto Rico is a United States territory you don’t have to have a passport or visa to visit unlike the rest of the Caribbean, although it’s probably a good idea to call the State Department just to make sure. I’ve also found several different places on the Internet to get information about the Caribbean as well.


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