Some Days I Just Hate My Job

I have gotten several calls from one of my stores tonight. My “new” manager is apparently cutting costs and trying to save money by just not pulling food to the floor. You know, unimportant stuff like coffee and mayo. Fuck. She’s actually been with us over six months now and should know her job and when she took the store we discussed the amount of food that should be out there on a given day but apparently she has decided that she knows better and just leaves them without the stuff that they need to operate for a shift, much less for an entire day.

I wish my lazy guy was back ’cause I really don’t know how to handle this girl. Unlike most of our management team I am not particularly afraid of them investigating me for racial discrimination because I treat everyone the same way, but even this early into the deal I can see it headed that way because I am going to have to go in and be an asshole to get things done the right way. Not only that but I have been investigated several times and the entire legal team knows me as a result and knows that after a certain point I just quit walking on eggshells.

All I know is that if I get another call on my day off because they are out of something and she won’t answer the phone I’m just going to go ahead and go bust the locks off the storage area and she can deal with it later. It’s bad enough I am having to deal with this bullshit after midnight on my work days but calling me on my off day is a big no-no.