This is pretty horrible.

As a parent it just makes my skin crawl to think about leaving my child in a car for that long. I know when the Marine was still at home I’ve left him to watch the girls while I run into a convenience store or something, or I have dropped things off, but actually leaving your kid in the car?

How the heck could you forget that your kid was with you. I suppose it would be possible if the child were sleeping or something but even as absent minded as I am at some point in the day you would think that the mother might say to herself ‘hey, I don’t remember being at the babysitter today’.

I know that all of my babysitters that we have used as well as other care providers will normally call and ask where the kid is if/when I didn’t bring them. Who watches her kid that wouldn’t bother to call and check?

Just remember, stupidity is not a protected disability.