Thursday Thirteen #6 – Halloween Edition

Thirteen Photographs From Halloween!

Anyone that has hung out here for a few days figures out real quick that I love decorating for the holidays and out of them all Halloween is my favorite. I do a little more each year as the junk builds up in my basement and I always get comments on how much everyone likes the house. I think that maybe next year I will set up a haunted house in the basement if I can bring myself to clean the darn thing out.
I thought that with tonight having been Halloween it would be appropriate to post some of the photographs of the house.
  1. Halloween 001
  2. Halloween 004
  3. Halloween 006
  4. Halloween 012
  5. Halloween 013
  6. Halloween 026
  7. Halloween 032
  8. Halloween 036
  9. Halloween 038
  10. Halloween 045
  11. Halloween 046
  12. Halloween 049
  13. Halloween 050

Apparently I was one of the few house, at least on my side of the neighborhood, that actually decorated for Halloween. There are quite a few people in my area of podunk Georgia that do the trunk or treat thing at the churches. Thanks but no thanks. Even our division (work) set up down there and gave out candy. That’s why I scheduled myself off Happy. More power to them but I enjoy the traditional scary Halloween.

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6 throughts on "Thursday Thirteen #6 – Halloween Edition"

  1. Words hurt ya know

    Should Hillary! become Commander in Chief of U.S. armed forces, I really hope our enemies don’t say mean things to her. Thanks to the last Democrat debate we have a hint of how she might react.

  2. That is a cool looking yard, and great costumes too. Steal some candy for me.
    The teens are too old for trick or treating anymore.

  3. I feel you! Right here in Texas we were one of 3 houses that decorated on our block. We had the Dracula hanging upside down. Crazy people! I love your house. I bet the kids thought it was cool.

  4. Looks great! I like your house, too. 🙂
    I understand what you mean. I lived in SC for a while, and so many down there frowned upon Halloween & trick-or-treating, replacing it w/ a church activity & trunk-or-treat. Ah. I say keep trunk-or-treat, but do it on a separate night so there’s still trick-or-treating!

  5. I love the picture where you can see the houses across the street and see how NOT decorated they are! Sounds like a fun neighborhood to be in (since your house is up there!) …

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