One of my darned waitresses gave out my home phone number again. Apparently there was an issue at a different store tonight with the price a customer was charged on a sandwich and he got mad and asked for the manager. Rather than telling him the manager would be in tomorrow morning, having the cook take care of the problem, or giving them the 800 complaint number that’s next to the front door this girls decided in her infinite wisdom to give my phone number to the dude.

I couldn’t bring myself to call and cuss her out since that’s not very conducive to keeping my job, not to mention that she’s a meek quiet thing that I have already made cry once so I just explained that unless they wanted me to start handing out their phone numbers to any customer that asks, they need to not give mine out.

We have always had our phone numbers posted for the associates. Everyone from the store manager to the area vice president has their number posted in the back room in case of emergency. When I first took over the district back at the beginning of May there were no numbers listed, so I fixed that. Now I see why they weren’t listed. As a store manager my folks knew that the better not call me unless it was truly important but apparently these brain surgeons that are working for me are too stupid to know what’s important and what’s not. Some dude getting overcharged for his sandwich at 9:40PM is NOT IMPORTANT enough to call me. It’s not as if I am going to jump in my car and go give him his fifty cents back right this red hot second anyway. He can just wait until tomorrow morning when I wake up. Maybe I should call him when I get up at 4:30 and offer to give him his money back, the inconsiderate asshole. I have his name and phone number now…