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One of the places I haven’t written about yet is Turkey. I love to take virtual vacations (since I work so darn much that long vacations are out of the picture) and I also love history, which makes countries like Turkey with it’s varied history and vibrant culture so cool to learn about.

Turkey is situated right between the Middle East/Asia and Europe, surrounded on three sides by ocean with 5,000 miles of coastline. It borders eight different countries, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. That’s a lot of countries considering the massive coastline it has. With so many different cultural influences and the fact that it borders two different continents it’s a pretty unique mixture of traditions.


Although when you read history and think about Troy (some of the walls of Troy are pictured to the left) and the Trojan War you think about Greece and their culture, the Trojan War took place on the Anatolian Peninsula which is also referred to as Asia Minor. The Trojan War is an extremely important event in the history of ancient Greece. If you aren’t familiar with it, according to Greek mythology, the was was waged after Paris of Troy stole Helen from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta. The Iliad and Odyssey along with a couple of cycles of epic poems describe the latter part of the war as well as Odysseus’ (one of the Achaeans) journey home after the war.

With the huge population (over 70 million) and culture, not to mention the great summertime weather, Turkey holidays have become very popular tourist destinations, particularly for the British. Resorts in places such as Kusadasi are very nice and steeped in the history of the ages. Placed right next to a wonderfully preserved ancient town where the ruins are abundant, it’s a great place to sightsee and when you are done there is always to beach to hang out at.

Another really nice resort location is Bodrum. Bodrum is located in South Western Turkey, right on the coast and is a perfect summer destination. With a pretty thriving nightlife and plenty of daytime activities to keep busy with, it is a vacation destination not to be missed.

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  1. I’ve been there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t walk through there on my crutches. I did visit Greece before my accident and went to Mycenae. So I can say I stood on the heights of Mycenae and at the gates of Troy. Istanbul is an interesting town. I regret that I have never been to Ephesus.

  2. Whats messed up is apparently Nobody knows what happened.. this is BS.. people talk, so why not now??

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