Just sitting here sipping on some egg nog (no alcohol tonight, I have to work tomorrow) and thinking about the last few days. Running the restaurant without a manager over the holiday weekend ended up being a breeze. My other managers all worked because it was a holiday so it was no problem for me to be there all weekend. Today however was an entirely different story. Both of the hourly employees that are capable of running the stores for me if I am indisposed were off and I had to cover two restaurants. That’s enough of a challenge when I have managers there but it’s even more difficult without them. I am looking forward to Wednesday, I am getting a new manager, and while I have heard some stories from his current upline I think I may be able to work with him. Either way it means I won’t have to run as much as I have the last 11 days. I think that all of the running around and not having the opportunity to eat has led me to lose some weight. Don’t need a diet patch here, that’s for sure. I could use a bit more exercise though.