This is Going to Suck…

Getting out of bed this morning was not very high on my list of things to do this morning but unfortunately it has to be. Man, what a long week. The next four days are going to be pretty rough. My two managers are off two days each and I am running the stores along with the one with no manager. Normally when I have two stores open on the same day I try not to cook as I still have all of the paperwork and banking to do but I just don’t have enough extra help to do that this week. I could barely get one of the stores covered today as it is so I am going to have to get in to work a bit early and get one of the shops ready, then get to the other one and cook 1st shift.

As it stands now I am probably working until at least ten tonight, and that’s if I am lucky. I suppose it could be worse. One of my friends and former bosses ended up having to work the graveyard shift last night and is most likely going to have to work this morning as well. I just spoke with her and I may be able to send one of my cooks to help her out this morning. I won’t know until I actually get there in a couple of hours.

Needless to say, by the time I head into my days off on Friday I will be pretty damned tired.