December 31, 2007


Just woke up a little while ago and had a nice supper of Tacos. Nothing like a few bites of refried beans to ring in the New Year with, especially considering that I will be working 3rd shift tonight 🙂 I’m pretty much just sitting around watching a bit of TV with the girls trying…Read more

Meedio Download

Sorry about the slow loading times for the site today. I’m not real sure what’s up but it appears to be hanging up on MyBlogLog’s JavaScript tracking widget. I will give it another hour or so before I yank it from the site. I have been getting quite a few hits lately from the post…Read more

Health Care Costs

I mentioned yesterday when I was posting about the trip to the Bahamas that I like to listen to Clark Howard on the radio. Since I haven’t commuted to work since 2003 I don’t get to listen as much as I used to but I still enjoy it occasionally. I wonder if his show is…Read more