Health Care Costs

I mentioned yesterday when I was posting about the trip to the Bahamas that I like to listen to Clark Howard on the radio. Since I haven’t commuted to work since 2003 I don’t get to listen as much as I used to but I still enjoy it occasionally. I wonder if his show is on the Internet? I may have to check that out.

Anyway, one of the things that I heard about quite a bit on the Clark Howard show was the fact that a lot of people use Canadian pharmacies to get their medicine. There are some gives and takes in our system. Lot’s of Canadians visit the U.S. for their health care because it is so much more advanced and some of the medicines and treatments we have here are not available there, but there are just as many if not more people that use a Canadian Pharmacy to get their medicines because the cost is so much cheaper.

For instance, I take Protonix and Vytorin for my ulcer and my cholesterol. A 30 day supply of Protonix costs me (after insurance costs) somewhere around $50. I can get the same drug from for slightly less than that BEFORE my insurance. I may have to look into some of the mail order stuff and see exactly how much I can save. The biggest thing is that I will need to make sure and get a couple months at a time since it’s mail order and I am bad about running out of the stuff before I renew my prescriptions.