Speaking of Vacationing…

It looks like I am going to have to take mine in January. It’s either that or wait until April, which sort of pisses me off. I had hoped to take mine when the wife and kids were out in March but one of my managers already has reservations at Disney, so I decided to take it in the middle of February and maybe go someplace warm, but my newest manager is wanting to go on a cruise in February but was never able to nail down a date or give me any more information so I may just tell him he’s stuck with whatever is left. I have been asking for vacation dates since early October because with ten managers and three districts, not to mention my boss, we have to squeeze everyone in.

My one manager that is going to Disney gave me her requests right away. Two of the three dates overlap what I was hoping to take but she has kids as well so I can work around her’s. My other manager that has been in his store for awhile can’t seem to give me anything definite. I have asked him several times over the last two months and I just called them all a few minutes ago and told them they had to bring me the dates this afternoon at our meeting. His question was ‘all of 2008?’. Well, yeah, that is what I have been f’ing asking for the last two months. The other guy that is new I have only asked for them three times. He just told me it didn’t matter so I am going to sit down shortly and make out a vacation schedule and they can just take any left-over dates that I haven’t taken. I prefer to plan ahead and it irritates the hell out of me that they cannot seem to plan any farther than two weeks away.

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