Traveling in Comfort

While I much prefer driving when we travel sometimes there are just instances where you have to fly such as when we went to Nassau back in February or when our son comes home from California at Christmas. It’s just too far to drive in one instance and impossible in the other. I hate flying…Read more

Superclubs Resorts

About a week after we got back from the Bahamas I was emailed a link from the hotel booking site I had used and asked to fill out a survey as well as leave a comment for other folks that might be going through it. We had such a great time I was more than…Read more

Breezes Bahamas

So I’ve booked the hotel for next month. I got one of those all-inclusive packages because, well, alcohol can get mighty expensive and it’s included as well. Not that I am a lush or anything, that’s only when I am on vacation. Oh, wait, that is my vacation. I have permission to be a lush…Read more

In 45 Days I Will Be Here…

I had almost forgotten to post about it but that last review I did on Costa Rica real estate reminded me. I booked our flights to Nassau, the Bahamas this morning prior to going to work. I start my vacation on February 14th and I was actually looking for flight information to Key West but…Read more

Speaking of Vacationing…

It looks like I am going to have to take mine in January. It’s either that or wait until April, which sort of pisses me off. I had hoped to take mine when the wife and kids were out in March but one of my managers already has reservations at Disney, so I decided to…Read more

RealTravel Travel Blog

With all of the writing I do on occasion about destinations I’ve been to, want to go to or only wish I could get to, I hit the occasional travel blog to see what other peoples experiences have been. RealTravel travel blog is a fairly informative blog that I like to go to. They have…Read more

Pigeon Forge

A few years back when my parents still lived in Virginia, on one of our vacations we took a little over a week and first went up to Gatlinburg and stayed for a couple of nights, drove to Alexandria and spent the weekend with my parents, and wound up in Hilton Head where we spent…Read more

Trinidad and Tobago

…I don’t even remember what it was I was watching but there some action flick on last night before I went to bed and the location was down in the Caribbean, which of course got me to thinking about where I want to go on vacation in January or February. My September vacation is locked…Read more

Asian Blog

Since I post quite a bit about vacations and different places I want to go, I also frequent a few sites that specialize in that genre. One of the sites that I have come across is the Asia travel blog. Blogasian has Asian news on travel and hotels, and has nice thorough descriptions and some…Read more