Britney Spears Taken to Hospital

firedepartment Apparently police were called to Britney Spears house Thursday night to mediate a custody dispute and in the process she was taken to the hospital to have tests done and see if she was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Way to go Britney! Keep this up and you’ll get mom of the year. I guess she’s trying to gear up and be a responsible role model for her pregnant teenage sister.

The story at CNN says that their children were returned to Kevin Federline, who has primary custody, while the good doctors at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles get to decided whether to hold her for psychological evaluation for 72 hours.

Although it’s listed as ‘breaking news’ the only reason this story isn’t on top at CNN and Yahoo is the Iowa Caucuses last night. There aren’t very many things going on in the world today that our limited minds want to know more than another Britney scandal.

Apparently the argument at Spears’ home lasted about three hours last night before police turned the children over to Federline.

I’m jealous. Last time I got drunk nobody called the fire department to my house. drunkspears What’d she do, threaten to burn herself down? And that would be a great loss because?…

Now that’s a crowd. “Hey Joe, you got your camera phone?”

According to Google the incident ‘involved a family dispute that police worked to resolve peacefully by court order’. Looks pretty peaceful to me. Six police cars, and ambulance and a fire truck were called to her house at 10:30 last night to help resolve it peacefully. Perhaps they were having a donut party afterward?…

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