Thursday Open Track-Back

Being as how it will be late tonight before I get home I thought that this would be a good opportunity to share a bit of space. If you have posted something that you would like to share with the rest of us and get your site noticed, feel free to send a ping this way and the link will show up in the bottom of this post. If it doesn’t appear within twenty minutes then it may have gotten caught in my spam filter and I will have to fix it tonight.

For some reason I have been a day ahead all week. I guess because of the holiday. I didn’t realize until a minute ago that I had posted my Thursday Thirteen on Wednesday evening. Heck, when I put it up I thought I was late 🙂

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  1. Topics: Personal, Military, Politics, Religious

    I know most people don’t like to read about personal stuff, but that’s okay. I’m going to write about it anyway. There are other topics I’m writing about as well: Military, Politics and Religious. Choose your medicine.Have …

  2. Honor Killings in Dallas?

    This isn’t a confirmed honor killing, but it Said is a Muslim immigrant from Egypt, and there are several reports that the girls were afraid of their Father because of their Western attitudes and dress. Less than a month ago,

  3. Global Warming in 2008: same stuff, different year

    So much Co2, so little time.   Last year was a whilrlwind of global warming stories.   I don’t think I blogged more stories on any other topic.
    Well, it is a new year and all new madness awaiting us.
    So I cou…

  4. Iowa Speaks

    A few comments, then a link to some good round ups.
    All along people have been warning not to take the polls too seriously.  And Lo, Hillary who has been on top for a while finishes third to Obama (Edwards second), and Huckabee finishes first …

  5. The Nine Plagues of Egypt

    Each time Moses and Aaron would go to Pharoah to tell them what the LORD…had spoken to them, Pharoah would ask Moses to pray for him to relieve him of any plague. Moses would do so, but Pharoah would harden his heart and not allow Moses to lead God…

  6. Grassroots Pundits: Iowa Caucuses Aftermath

    Adam Graham, David Oatney, John McJunkin, Warner Todd Huston, and Fabian Story discuss the aftermath of the Iowa Caucus.
    Click here to download, click here to add this podcast to your Itunes.
    Try GotoMyPC free for 30 days!  For this special offer, vis…