I don’t get a lot of time to surf too many web sites lately. Mostly news sites and I try to hit my favorite blogs on a daily basis as well, although as much as I have been working lately I haven’t even been able to get to those. Every once in awhile I will get the chance to review something more adult in nature such as Sexy TLX (Not Safe For Work!). It’s an adult site that’s updated daily with free videos and pics.

The also have a Free Adult Gallery as well but the cool thing about the site is that there aren’t any irritating pop-ups, pop-unders or any of that other junk. Of course the wife will probably kick my rear end later in the evening for going over to the site so I could post this but hey, that’s life. I’ve been married almost twenty years, I’m used to the occasional beat down by now 🙂

Oh, BTW, there are also some pretty cool Hot Porn Videos if you are into that sort of stuff. I guess it’s pretty tame around here. About the only stuff I post is Thursday Thongs and Tramp Stamp Tuesday. I was pretty well chastised the other day for not putting a NSFW work label on it. I will make sure and do that from now on.