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  • I think that the majority of the blame should be put on the mother Joy Kinsman. She bought this man into the house and allowed the abuse to happen to the child. I don’t know if Joy Kinsman was the abuser or Michael Turski. It could have been Joy Kinsman and Michael Turski abusing the child. I don’t see what a 11 month old baby could have done to deserve a cut above the eye and multiple other wounds.

  • So his URL is “Bignastybastard1”, eh? Let’s break it down, shall we?
    Big”? Probably not. Looks’ pretty skinny and small in the photo. And those vocally claiming “big” are more than likely overcompensating for personal shortcomings.
    Nasty”? Probably doesn’t bathe often.
    “? Looking at his history, it’s a pretty apt description.
    In short, the guy isn’t exactly a pilar of the community.

  • He looks like maybe he should try Proactive for that horrible face. Maybe he and his girl friend were arguing over the last Stridex pad.
    He thinks he is cool. I hope he has duct tape for his butt. He will get so violated, he will need a Pamper. As a matter of fact, he can probably get one from the baby he abused.
    Save the child

  • wow… so they have no evidence of who did it, and for everyone to assume that he did it because he’s is the male is totally unfair and wrong. If you knew the mother… like I do, you would know that she not only let people smoke weed around the baby when she was only 3 months old( which i totally disagree with) she also got pretty irritated with the baby…. soooo I don’t think it’s a question of who dun it… cuz to me it’s pretty clear. She never cared about the baby… her ex (the father of the baby) abused her and I think maybe she was doing what was done to her. She was probably so frustrated with the responsibility of having to take care of this baby, at a young age, (which I can relate to because I am a young mother and I know the struggles and frustration it causes) , and the fact that she had this boyfriend who had no kids makes her resent the baby even more. p.s. who turns themself in after they go get their nails done, do their hair and make up, and why wasn’t she easy to find? I mean if my daughter was in the hospital I would definatly never leave her side. I just think the situation has more to do with mommy dearest than it does the bf.

  • ive known michael for 5 years now. he has had past girlfriends who have had children. never once did anything occur like this. he is not the kind of person to touch any human being. you all need to figure out what is really going on before you add your comments. i have gone to all his court hearings and will support him and his loving family until this is all over with. yeah, he does think hes big and bad, but not to that extent. i know for a fact that that nasty fat ass white trash bitch set him up for all of this. michael IS innocent.

  • the funny thing is, mike has not given his side of the story yet. If I was innocent. I think I would make a statement. I think 2 are to blame, I think people should do a little research before they say the male never had any priors with children. remember public record means public record. temporary restraining orders count against you in the eyes of the law. get a computer and use it to the fullest, tiffani

  • So she committed the crime while he just sat there and watched? That makes him a fucking douchebag in my book. I just don’t see the Big Bad Booty Daddy with Battered Wife Syndrome somehow.

  • So Tiffani, now that both of them have been indicted by the grand jury for endangering children you still think he’s innocent of everything? They would not have indicted him if they didn’t think there was sufficient evidence to convict him of the crime.

  • Not only that but even if he didn’t commit the crime himself he is STILL guilty of the charge of endangering children as anyone else in the little house should be.

  • Because I have a child myself, I find it very hard to believe that joy sat by when while her daughter was getting “kicked like a soccer ball”. I would think to any mother it would be obvious she had a definate part in the beating. If she saw this happeneing, any good mom would try to stop it, and since he is stronger she would have gotten hurt I’m sure. That said the mother and daughter would have been in the ambulance together. But since the baby was the only one hurt, she is definatly involved. This is a very sad story because now that baby girl will grow up without her biological mother, and when she is older she will find out that her “mother” her protector, sat by or had a hand in beating her not far from death. Its sickening.

  • Richard,
    Seems that our little buddy Mike , just got another charge , and Joy got her bail reduced. Maybe you should look a little deeper my friend.

  • Just checked the Toledo court records and it looks like he’s out on $200,00 bond right now.
    I see he’s been to his MySpace page and sent messages, hell I would probably do the same thing (only not on MySpace) if I had been locked up for almost a month. Guess I would have to stop and get a big old cheeseburger as well 🙂
    He’s got a pretrial (lawyers only) hearing on December 8th and the trial starts on December 16th.

  • c it jus goes to show none of these r facts. its a 300,000 dollar bond. i should know, after all it was given to me! you people dont even know me which blows my mind how you can jus judge my image or my character. By the way when you fake scientist since all your facts are screwd up , news reporters cause you report what you see on the news and whats in the paper (which has no fact), judges cause you’ve made ur own rulings,and so much more do urselves a favor like you have been doing by playin ‘guess who’ look up scott steiner and look up his nicknames and one name that uve all been descriibig me as will pop up. Facts people! it kills me cause you all make it seem like you were there or something. i will say this i am extremely hurt by the things that you have all wrote and just so you all know i loved ariana like she was mine and everyday that passes by i miss being with her, i know you’ll all just twist everything that ive said and say lame things like ‘yea you really loved her’ or ‘you really care’ and ive come 2 expect it.I do have tattoos but none that are gang related i have a cross of god and the same tattoo the rock has on his arm which has religious meaning which you should also look up, ok class i expect a full report on all of these things that were metioned.

  • OK, I was wondering about the bond. I know the Toledo court records online have the initial bond listed as $100,000 and then a couple of entries below that they have $200,000. I wasn’t sure if they had combined it (which they obviously did) or if the 2nd bond was superseding the 1st.
    Here’s what I find really interesting about your comment, aside from the fact that obviously English isn’t your primary language. I don’t mind, lots of people don’t speak English as their first language. Anyhow, back to the interesting part. Most people would come on here and say “Hey asshole, I’m innocent!” Not you, you’ve come on here to quibble about the amount of your bond. What’s up with that?
    Tattoos don’t bother me. I’ve got a couple and wouldn’t mind a bit more ink myself. How someone looks has no bearing on whether they are criminals or not. It’s their actions that make them criminals and so far yours have pointed in that direction.
    Here’s the deal, if you are innocent, I’ll be the first to proclaim “Michael Turski is innocent!” all over the Internet, starting here. If you are guilty, what purpose does it serve to come over here writing in shitty english that’s worse than what my five-year-old speaks and whine because I have the amount of your bail wrong?
    If you didn’t beat Ariana, who did and when? The cops don’t always get it right and sometimes they end up charging a couple of different folks before they do get it right. They darn sure aren’t perfect and just like any other job you’ve got lazy ones and good ones, the lazy ones want to get it over with as quick as possible, sometimes at the expense of someone else.
    Like I said, if you didn’t do it and can offer some other plausible explanation I will be more than willing to post it here.

  • My only comment is, why if you knew Joy was hurting the baby. Would you not come forward and tell someone like your parents, or if she has parents. Or at worst case the police.


  • I was looking at his fantastic mug shot. I really enjoy the black eye he has. Did he take a beating before he went to jail.

  • so i see mike has some resentment about joys family turning on him what did he think they would have his side in all this against their daughter does he think good ol grandma and grandpa did something or maybe even her sisters and brothers but we will never know right mike because until you tell the truth your the only guilty one!!!!!!

  • Wow,
    both guilty, who would have imagined that. Both look like very stable people. Why would he let her pin this all on him. He does not seem to bright. I am sure she did it. Well maybe they can start over when they both get out of prison. Do either of these to lowlifes have family, and where is the baby these days?

  • Thanks for the update Missy. I’ve found the link and updated my post. Hopefully they’ll get more than Time Served at their sentencing next month.

  • Wow, it’s not every day you get the perp himself on the board to post! If he’s innocent, I, too, would be very interested in hearing him elaborate.

  • I personally think you people are all seriously pathetic. whoever is the “founder” of this site apparently does not know mikey what-so-ever. so seriously why so closely follow the whole case are you that much of a loser? and people do some stupid shit, including everyone on here. but you learn from your mistakes and some are just bigger than other, what if every time you made a mistake someone was there to point out every aspect of it? and the mother is just as if not more gulity because i have personally had my own child around mikey and he was very polite to her and never once gave me any reason to believe he would ever harm her. maybe that makes me naive but i really never got that vibe from him. i’m not saying im his biggest fan, because im not. but i just think this site should honestly be removed.because this is ILLEGAL in itself.defamation of character. so he could in turn sue you. sweet right

  • It would be a bit difficult to claim defamation of character when 90% of the information and quotes come from his own MySpace account.
    The rest of it, such as the abuse, is a matter of record. Pretty hard to defame someone who’s already done a mighty fine job of it himself.
    I do agree with you that the mother is just as guilty if not more so however. Probably one of the reasons she was also found guilty.

  • Angela,
    So another woman makes her way on the site, screaming innocence for Mikey. Are you as sick as Tiffani? What did you not get, he was charged in court and took a plea. I have no doubt in my heart that Joy is just as guilty. But let me tell you something Angie, if I did not hurt that child, I would do any and everything in my powers to tell the truth. Maybe he hurt her on accident or maybe he did not. But as the court papers claim, he is a felon. And great for you that you never had a run in with him, count your blessings. I will tell you what, when he gets out maybe Mikey can watch your child. Sound good to you?
    You are a pathetic piece of garbage who begs the attention of a felon. Maybe set your standards a little higher and try for axe murderer.

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