Late Sixties

I’m back to scanning some photos. You can’t find cartridges for the printer I use locally anymore. I’m sure that I can probably order them online but I find that the more and more I use it for work I have been wanting a printer anyway.

Since I got a gift cart for Wal-Mart at the awards banquet tonight I decided to use it to buy an HP scanner/copier/printer combo. The prices on these things has dropped immensely. The last time I checked was five or six years ago and they were about three or four times the cost.

Since I now have a scanner that will work with Windows Vista I can start copying all these old pictures. Here’s one from the late sixties. That’s my great-aunt and myself.

Richie and Big Helen Late Sixties.jpg

This is about the only thing I am going to post today. As I mentioned, I had a meeting tonight and being as how it’s been a long day on top of feeling like shit I am going to bed as soon as my managers call me with their sales and staffing.

I bummed a smoke around 7am, another around 11am and then got one from one of the managers after supper tonight, around 6. Not too bad. I had a pretty hard time with it today and have been in an extremely foul mood but I think I may have forgotten to take the Chantix this morning. I’ve caught up tonight and maybe tomorrow won’t be such a hard day. If it’s any worse than today I may end up cussing someone out at work.

Wish me luck as I am going to try and go without having a cigarette at all tomorrow.