Damned if I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I was up until after 11:30 last night working, so am dragging a bit today. I must have forgotten to take my Chantix last night as well because boy was I jonesing for a smoke when I woke up.

Today is my Friday, which is good. I see tonight and tomorrow being busy days anyway, although just as soon as I can get out of work and pick up the girls a nap may be in order this afternoon. The wife is working out at the gym most afternoons now so I have been trying to get them after school, except on Thursdays, which is meeting day.

I was going to post several things this morning but I ended up mainly just surfing the web.

Oh, BTW, anyone interested in bidding on my Samsung i760 on eBay head on over. It’s still pretty cheap. I think right now there are only a couple of bids. I switched to a Blackberry Pearl and like this phone much better than the PocketPC phone.

Guess that’s about it, I need to get ready for work even if I don’t want to…