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The wife was telling me a story last night before I went back to work about one of the guys at the gym where she’s been working out. Yep, that’s right. She’s been working out. I think she’s gotten tired of my mouth and wants to be able to really kick my tail if she needs to…

Anyway, apparently one of the guys that works there, or maybe he just works out there, likes energy drinks. The one that he prefers is packed full of sugar and doesn’t have a lot of the things that make good energy drinks good. I can’t mention the name, but it’s NOT the one I linked to. So she told him, ‘hey, that stuff isn’t good for you, you shouldn’t be drinking it’.

So she goes back in the next day and apparently he is trying to quit drinking that particular brand now. She apologized to him and told him it was none of her business but he said ‘no, I needed to hear it’. The guys has one kidney and has had a heart attack or two, which is one of the reasons he’s trying to stay healthy by working out.

I don’t know about all of that working out stuff yet. I am still struggling with trying to quit smoking. Yesterday was not a particularly good day. Early on it went OK. I bummed a smoke from one of my employees around 11am and that was it until I finished the day. Around three I had to drive to another town and open a safe for one of the district managers. For some reason I was stressed out and angry the entire drive there. I bummed another smoke from one of her waitresses. That makes two for the day, which is what I have been smoking for the last three or four days. While not QUIT completely, two cigarettes is a grand improvement for me.

Anyhow, I had to go back to work last night and do shift change as well as some paperwork. I stopped and bought a pack of smokes. I don’t even have an explanation for it, I just did. I smoked two on the way to work, two after I left at eleven last night, and then I tucked one lone cigarette away in my dashboard ‘just in case’. I threw the pack of smokes in the dumpster though (at work) knowing I had screwed up.

It’s like that old saying about alcoholics. One drink is too many and a thousand never enough. Too true.

I smoked that lone ‘just in case’ cigarette right after I woke up about two and a half hours ago. I am a bit uncomfortable right now but I am not going to go buy any more. I want to be a non-smoker, if only so that I can be a jerk and give smokers a hard time. You know, throw them out of my car and stuff, preferably while moving 🙂

Anyway, I do want to quit and maybe start being healthy. I am starting to think about retirement now as I am closer to it than the other end and there are so many different things I want to do, I would like to be able to enjoy them.

I don’t know how the heck I got from energy drinks and gyms to smoking but it all sort of goes together I suppose.

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  1. Valhalla!
    The only ways we can sufficiently honor their willing sacrifice is to (a) never forget them; (b) take care of their families; and (c) step up to assume the burden when it’s our turn.
    MSG US Army (ret.)

  2. hehe, nasty little habits. I gotta say, I love energy drinks. Mainly monster, red bull, full throttle, and sometimes kronik grind. They are full of sagur though, specially the larger cans such as full throttle and monster.

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