Well, duh…
Newsmax Correspondent Philip Brennan describes why he agrees with the founder of the Weather Channel that global warming is the greatest scam in history. He also says that the fact that John McCain is on board with the environmentalists scares the hell out of him.

What makes Philip Brennan and the founder of the weather channel experts on global warming? Not a fucking thing. About the same thing that makes me an expert and I happen to agree with them.
The problem is that I tend to base my beliefs (as do the aforementioned guys) on real data and proven theories while the global warming pundits are just taking the word of these so-called scientists that are taking the word of other scientists using faulty data or data that only goes back a short period of time.
They are all a bunch of morons anyway.
I do agree with Brennan about McCain as well. Not that I don’t think that conservation and going to other forms of power is a bad thing, but I think that blaming the changing course of normal weather patterns on us is an idiotic blame game that’s just going to lead to more trouble later on down the road.