Racists and Racism

I received a comment on one of my posts recently and it really pissed me off. Although I commented back it irked me enough to want to post it.

“Eve Carson’s Family Owned Slaves Eve Carson’s family may have owned slaves in Athens, Georgia. Plus, word on the streets is Eve was buying drugs and playing Privileged White Flaunt – where privileged whites drive through underprivileged black neighborhoods at dangerous hours to tease poor blacks with their possessions.”

Of all the lame-brained fucking ideas, this retard puts the “N” in the N word.

Here’s the deal and although I am repeating my reply to this retarded sack of dog turds I have had time for it to sink in and let me think about it for awhile.

According to the article that the commenter linked to in his comment and which I am not, if Eve Carson’s family owned slaves and had not paid reparations, they shouldn’t feel sorry for her because she was murdered. In other words, it’s OK to kill white people that haven’t made reparations for the stupid things their ancestor’s did that they personally have no control over.

Personally I think it’s disgraceful that as a nation of freedom loving people we owned slaves. Thomas Jefferson wrote long and passionately about slavery, yet owned slaves. Thats inexusable. Does that mean that anyone with the name of Jefferson needs to be shot in the head because they haven’t made reparations.

Oh, wait. Probably 50% of the U.S. population with the surname Jefferson is black.

Now there’s a fucking quandary…

The other argument that this dickwad presented was that Eve Carson was hanging out in front of black people “flaunting her goods”.

So what?

I have a couple of waitresses that flaunt their “goods” all the time. That doesn’t mean I can bend them over the counter and fuck them up the ass any old time I want.

“Your honor, they were flaunting their goods”.

The troll came back and posted this reply to my response:

You’d like racism to be hidden from the minds of young blacks?

You must be a damned liberal. Just like a liberal to twist my words. Hell, the Republicans aren’t much different either I guess, but at least they are the party that stopped slavery, unlike the Democrats who would still love to see people in chains.

I went and read over at digitalmonkeys, the site that the commenter is from and I must say that my first reaction about the person is only partly right. They are definitely racist to the nth degree but fucking sick to boot. Let’s see, here are some of their observations from the site:

  • Arnold Schwarzhenegger is the new Hitler and a super racist.
  • Eve Carson was flaunting her possessions and deserved to be killed, as did Jennifer Ross, who died in 2005.
  • Hillary is a racist (probably true) and has been using racist body language.
  • God is getting rid of the Ozone layer, it’s not being removed through emissions, and the reason he is doing it is to drive white people crazy.
  • The ‘in’ thing for white women is that they now want to be raped, robbed and killed by black men.
  • 12-year-old Emily Haddock was asking for it too apparently. (if you click the link there is some really irritating music but just deal with it, it’s an online memorial for fucks sake.

It’s pretty damned weird over at digitalmonkets. Sort of a cross between Brer Rabbit and the National Enquirer. After having read for a couple of hours I am starting to think maybe it’s just some kind of sick joke.