I just got back from one and am already making plans for the next 🙂

I have to because of my job. I already have the dates for the entire year laid out for my whole organization simply because it’s too difficult to set up at the last minute.

Anyhow, I have broken down and made reservations for Disney World again. Six nights, seven days at the Polynesian resort. They let you pay in installments, which is a good damn thing because I am going to be working my ass off over the next six weeks to do it, both at my real job as well as online.

I’m looking forward to it and the girls are all excited about it. This trip will be slightly longer than the last one in 2005, which will be cool. The Marine is going to see if he can get any leave while we are there and fly down to hang with us as well.

We are going the last week of May, first week of June and while it will be pretty hot, I spent a lot of summers in Florida and June is actually not too bad. August and September are the worst.

Last time we went we stayed int he contemporary resort, so this will be a nice change. Also pretty convenient to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot since the Monorail runs through the resort.

Now that RePete is five, she should enjoy it a bit more than last time. Not that she didn’t have a great time, but some of the stuff was a bit over her head.