Downtown Disney

I mentioned yesterday that I had had enough of Disney by this time. For our last day there we decided to spend the first part of it at one of the water parks and then go to Downtown Disney that afternoon. I’m glad we got to be able to go. While I didn’t particularly want…Read more

Yet Another Cookout…

OK folks. I was going to spend my days off this next week (the only week in July that I actually have two days off) either in Hilton Head or Destin but I think we are going to stay in town. I would love to go to the beach but I want to conserve a…Read more

Vacation Plans

Already? I just got back from one and am already making plans for the next 🙂 I have to because of my job. I already have the dates for the entire year laid out for my whole organization simply because it’s too difficult to set up at the last minute. Anyhow, I have broken down…Read more

RealTravel Travel Blog

With all of the writing I do on occasion about destinations I’ve been to, want to go to or only wish I could get to, I hit the occasional travel blog to see what other peoples experiences have been. RealTravel travel blog is a fairly informative blog that I like to go to. They have…Read more