bwahaha. I think I need to hire this teacher who resigned from Delta High School to handle some of the attendance problems in my three stores.

Check out the video.

So this teacher makes his students do pushups and situps if they are tardy. Good deal. Apparently this one student could not do them so the teacher told his students to BEAT HIM. Holy shit! What a reTARD!

If it were my kids I guess I would have gone up and kicked the motherfucker’s ass, but then again, I expect my children to be on time. Actually I insist upon them, and my employees being on time.

That of course fits right in to my afternoon at work. Shift change is at ten minutes until the hour, regardless of the shift. That way you have ten to fifteen minutes of overlap and any remaining work can be completed, waitresses can let the oncoming servers know what’s going on, etc…

I get a phone call at 1:30 from my cook. She’s waiting for her ride and babysitter and will be late. OK, kind of irritating but at least she called as soon as she found out. I did try to cover her shift anyway but was unsuccesful. Five minutes till two (five minutes AFTER she should have been there) the waitress calls and says “I’m up here at the red light, I’ll be right there”. I stood at the window and watched the light change several times over the nect five minutes before calling another waitress in. At fifteen minutes AFTER two (25 minutes late) the waitress shows up and she’s pissed off because I replaced her after she called. Fuck you, how was I to know you meant the red light two towns north you stupid bitch? I sent her ass home. She called me back in tears a few minutes later wanting to know if she was still working tomorrow. I told her yes, as long as she’s there by ten ’til. Actually I could give a rat’s ass because I will be at one of my other stores making them happy tomorrow 🙂 Thus far nobody has jammed a cigarette in my mouth but I see that shit coming soon. Two more days and I get a day off…