April Fools!

Happy April Fool’s Day you foolish folks. No fooling around here, at least not right now. Everyone left me alone at work today as well which is probably a good thing because I pity the fool that messes with me today. It’s been exactly five days now and all I am thinking about right now is having just one smoke. Only one. Not two or three. Just one and that could be my last one.
That’s the thing about smoking, just like drugs for drug addicts or alcohol for the drunk. One is too many and a thousand are never enough.
Doesn’t mean I won’t bum a smoke from someone later tonight but it’s been enough to keep me from buying any up until this point.
So it’s April Fool’s Day and of course across the web different sites have their form of April Fool’s jokes up. I thought about redoing my template but it just seemed like too much work. Since I don’t have anything up, here’s some links to various sites I have come across or had emailed to me.
Gmail has one up. Gmail Custom Time that lets you date your email with a prior time or date so that it shows up in someone’s inbox in the appropriate chronological order. You can even mark it as having been ‘read’. I can see how that would be a useful feature were it to be something they really had.
On the main page at Google.com they have a link for you to become a ‘Virgle” pioneer. Apparently Virgle is an open-source effort between Google and Virgin to colonize Mars over the next 100 years. Someone put a lot of work into getting this up. Wish I got paid to sit around and come up with cool jokes…It’s pretty entertaining stuff and if you are the geeky star wars crowd, almost believable. Check out some of the dorks in the message boards. Personally I think something along the lines of Open Virgin Assholes would have been much more entertaining but that’s why I’m typing this from prison my house. On to another subject.
Google Australia has introduced a way to search tomorrow’s web, today at Google gDay using MATE technology. Go check it out.
Half of the people I know use Twitter. Even Elisson is on occasionally! Darren Rowse, Problogger, has decided to cash in and is releasing PayPerTweet, as service that pays you to send tweets out for companies.
Michael Arrington has announced that he (TechCrunch) is suing Facebook for $25 million over it’s users posting ads using his image.
Here’s another one. TechCrunch has acquired Tiger Beat (magazine and website), is closing down the magazine and renaming the web site CrunchKids.